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..not a reef but an excellent piece of woodcraft from the workgroup members Steve A and Ian T. Designed to prevent falls into the ditch near the far bench. It has willow whips woven into it that willhopefully root and give it further strength

Otter Family Aug 19

A big thank you to Dave Varney for sharing these photos with us.  We have what appears to be a family group, a mother and 2 youngsters though it’s difficult to see any size difference between them?  There is however a sad ending, these photos were taken on Aug 20th 2019, a few weeks later ( see earlier post) an otter was run over a killed on the road nearby. It’s highly likely it was one of the youngsters here.

Family of otters Aug 19
Family of otters Aug 19
Otter eating a fish
Otter eating a fish
single otter
single otter

Work Group Dates 2016

Please contact Steve Parkes on 07770 840156 or  if you would like to attend

We generally meet 2nd Saturday of the month from 9.30-12.30

March 12th 2016

April 9th 2016

May 14th 2016

June 11th 2016

July 9th 2016

August 13th 2016

September 10th 2016

October 8th 2016

November 12th 2016

December 10th 2016


Our rescheduled February work group took place on 21 February, Our main focus was soil sampling with Steve Peel. We took soil core samples across a range of different habitats. Analysis of these samples we will give us a  better idea of the suitability these areas for introduction  of more native species either through seeds or plants.

We also spent time building up the dead hedge by the entrance fence, clearing the paths of bramble, hawthorn and willow and lastly restoring the area that has been damaged by bottle diggers.   It’s very frustrating to see the damage that has been done in area that’s very important for our colony of rare White-letter Hairstreak butterflies.